1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle Holdson Renaissance Realm Love Triangle

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These eye catching Renaissance Realm Holdson 1000pc puzzle collection are from Russian artist Olga Suvorova. Olga's paintings are filled with startling vitality, warmth and harmony. This series of puzzles capture textures, patterns, vibrant colours and fine detail.

As a family business Holdson has a desire to provide entertainment and value to puzzle enthusiasts everywhere. Their jigsaw puzzles have been described as nostalgic, creative, comical, timeless, challenging but most of all fun. The Holdson puzzle formula is find great design, ensure the best licenses or artists are used, produce relevant product formats and always ensure a high-quality product. Best of all when it comes to the manufacture of our puzzles - Holdson are proudly New Zealand made.

  • 1000 pieces
  • Completed size approx 68 x 49cm
  • For ages 8+