Balloon Ball Dinosaur

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Inflate like a balloon, and use like a ball! This balloon ball is fantastic fun and reusable.

Simply insert the supplied nozzle (white plastic piece) into the valve of the ball (the darkest part of the ball) being careful not to puncture it.
Put your mouth over the nozzle and blow to inflate.
When you have reached the desired size (maximum of 25cm), stop blowing and remove the nozzle. The valve will seal itself.
To deflate, reinsert the nozzle into the valve until all air has escaped then store the nozzle and balloon together for future use.
Over inflating may damage the product. Keep the balloon ball away from sharp objects. Clean your balloon ball by washing with luke warm soapy water and rinsing with clean cool water.
Available in either pink or white.

*This product is available in different colours. Online orders are picked at random. If you require a specific colours, please specify your preferred colour in the comments box on the payment page.