Bubbles Touchable Large Blister 40ml

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These touchable bubbles are a great party favour or for an afternoon of fun in the park or garden. Each test tube contains approximately 40ml of touchable bubble liquid, which, when blown makes lots and lots of small bubbles (up to about 4cm in diameter). Create approx 30-40 bubbles per blow. You will be amazed by the quantity. The bubbles are amazing as they dry in the air, being firm enough to touch, but fragile enough to disappear into almost no left over residue.

  • Great Party favour gift
  • Approx 40ml
  • Makes thousands of bubbles
  • Best blown outside, not near soft fabrics and furnishings
  • For ages 3+

*This product is available in different colours. Online orders are picked at random. If you require a specific colour, please specify your preferred colour in the comments box on the payment page