Apatosaurus 3D Wood Kit Construction Kit with Instructions by Heebie Jeebies 36cm x 14in Science Kit

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Build a 3D dinosaur skeleton in just half an hour with this wooden dinosaur model kit! Aimed at kids and dinosaur fans over the age of 6!

Keep your child's mind and hands busy with one of these amazing 3D wooden dinosaur model kits! These kits start as a piece of flat plywood and build into a dino skeleton in just about half an hour with no tools or glue needed!

Press the individual pieces out of the base and connect them together to make an impressive miniature dinosaur skeleton that can be proudly displayed on a shelf or desk! Kids as young as 6 years old can make their own dinosaur skeletons! The pieces can be glued together, but glue is not required.

  • For ages 6+