Magnet Play Box Crazy Faces 66pcs

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Magnetic Funny Faces Game is a box full of magnetic fun that will have you making all sorts of crazy faces. This game for kids has lots of magnetic pieces like lips, hair, noses, and hats. The magnetic pieces can be stuck to the open lid of the box where there is a blank shape of a head. You can take one of 10 included cards that show you a face and try and copy it to be exactly the same or you can go crazy and make-up all sorts of wonderful people. You can play this game with someone else and take turns adding different pieces to make all sorts of funny people.

This magnetic game is heaps of fun but also has great educational value. It teaches kids to pick from all the parts and choose the right match with the example card. They then have to place it on the blank head in the correct position. Creating faces that don't fit the norm, like a policeman wearing a tiara helps kids learn how to anticipate what you would normally see against what you may imagine or create. A wonderful toy that is a lot of fun.

  • Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 5cm
  • For ages 3+