Robotic Hedgehog Sound Detecting Robot DIY Interactive Artificial Intelligence STEM Construction Science Kit

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This awesome kit includes all the bits you need to build your own robotic hedgehog. It's a great gift to tech kids an early love of STEM and to build their skills. Not only will they piece together the spikes and design, they'll also get the chance to learn about creating their own electronic technology.

Once the hedgehog is built, they've got an awesome new gadget to show their friends. Clap at the hedgehog and watch him perform different tricks. He does backwards roll-overs, curls up into a cosy ball and sticks out his spines based on sound detection.

  • Flashing LED eyes
  • Sound reactive once built
  • Clap to make him roll over, curl up or stick out his spines
  • Great for fun STEM learning
  • For ages 8 - 14