Large Dinosaur Skull Trap with 3 Figurines Schleich

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Set up a scene from a dinosaur movie, with this dinosaur skull trap, which includes 3 dinosaur figurines to trap.

There's a Velociraptor, a Compsognathus and bearded dragon to play with and set the dramatic scene. Hand-painted for truly realistic detailing, the skull trap has a moveable jaw which can snap shut. Budding palaeontologist or not, this set brings exciting new heights to playtime.

Plastic skull trap and dinosaur figure set. Includes:

  • 1 x large skull trap with floor panel.
    • Opening angle of the skull trap can be adjusted to two different positions!
  • 1 x Velociraptor figure
    • Moveable lower jaw
    • Moveable arms
  • 1 x Compsognathus figure
  • 1 x bearded dragon figure
  • Height 23.11cm, width 28.9cm, depth 16.51cm
  • Ages: 3+

Unpack and play. Attractive expansion set for the giant volcano with T-Rex!