Expandable Water Toys

Welcome to our exciting collection of expandable water toys! These unique toys are not only fun to play with, but they also offer an interactive and educational experience for kids. How do they work? It's all about chemistry.

Our growing toys are made of special superabsorbent polymers that suck in and retain a large amount of liquid proportionate to their mass. When placed in water, they start to grow and expand as they absorb the liquid. This process is caused by a phenomenon called osmosis, where water molecules move through the toy's material, causing it to swell and increase in size.

As your child watches in amazement, they will witness the transformation of a tiny, compact toy into a larger, more intricate form. From animals to characters, our growing toys come in a variety of shapes and styles that will captivate your child's imagination.

Try different experiments - does distilled water differ from tap water? What if you leave them in the water for a very long time? What happens when you take them out?

Please note that expandable water toys are a choking hazard - please do not give these toys to children under 3 years, and supervise younger children while playing with them.