Classic Loyalty Rewards

Plato’s Classic Program Terms and Conditions

The Plato’s Rewards Program is operated by Plato’s Playground PTY LTD ABN 13 613 009 886 (Plato’s. Wonder. Create. Discover). Each member of the Plato’s Rewards Program is bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Joining the Program

1. Each application for membership of the Plato’s Rewards Program is subject to acceptance by Plato’s in its absolute discretion.

2. Only individuals can apply for Plato’s Rewards Program membership. Corporations, partnerships, trusts and other entities are not eligible to participate in the Plato’s Rewards Program.

3. Plato’s Rewards Program membership is only activated by valid details registration accepted through Plato’s stores or online (

4. A Plato’s Rewards Program member may only hold one Rewards membership. Rewards membership cannot be held jointly.

Types of Membership

5. The Plato’s Rewards Program has Classic membership for customers.

Earning Points

6. For Classic membership, one Rewards Point will be earned for every whole dollar spent at a participating Plato’s store or Plato’s Online on eligible purchases. One Rewards Point equals five whole cents and will be communicated in redeemable monetary value. Plato’s may also offer bonus Points from time to time on terms set by Plato’s in its absolute discretion.

7. Rewards Points will be allocated to a Plato’s Rewards Program member account for in store purchases immediately after each eligible purchase or at Plato’s Online when the sale is completed and payment is received, subject to specific promotion terms and system availability.

8. A Plato’s Rewards account must be used at the time of sale for Rewards Points to be earned. This can occur through staff looking up a member in the system or entering appropriate log-in information at Plato’s Online. Points will only be awarded after a sale is completed and upon successful attribution of the sale to a Rewards account.

9. Rewards Points are personal and cannot be transferred.

10. Rewards Points balances and other details can, subject to system availability, be checked at Plato’s Online

11. Rewards Points will expire on 30 June every year for Rewards accounts that have a status of "Closed", "Inactive" and "Temporary". Members will be advised via email one month prior to the date the points expire and given the opportunity to redeem points provided Plato’s has a valid email address and members have opted in to receive communication from Plato’s.

Redemption of Points

12. Rewards Points can only be redeemed for goods and services sold at Plato's Wonder. Create . Discover at 10 and 11 Salamanca Square, Hobart, Tasmania. They cannot be redeemed on the online shop ( at this time. 

13. Rewards Points are redeemable by attributing the sale against an active Rewards account, through identification in the Rewards database by store (for example, using first name, last name and email address as identifiers).

14. Rewards Points will not be earned on the purchase of a Plato’s gift vouchers, delivery charges for a purchase at, products on sale or reduced to clear, and cannot be redeemed to buy a Plato’s gift voucher. However, Rewards points may be earned when using Plato’s gift vouchers for payment of eligible purchases.

15. For standard Classic Rewards membership, the minimum redemption is 100 Rewards Points ($5) in any one transaction.

16. Plato’s will endeavour to provide at least 60 days’ notice of any increase to the minimum redemption amount.

17. No change will be given for purchases valued at less than the face value of the Rewards Points you redeem.

18. Rewards Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

19. Refunds will only be provided for goods and services purchased using a Plato’s Rewards in accordance with Plato’s refunds and returns policy. In the event of a refund, any Rewards Points earned for the original purchase will be deducted from the Plato’s Rewards Program account, and if purchased using redeemed Rewards Points in partial or full payment, Rewards Points will not be refunded.

Privacy and Security

20. Your membership details are Personal Information for the purpose of the Privacy Act and will be dealt with in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Plato’s Privacy Policy, a copy of which can be accessed at Privacy Policy – Plato's Wonder. Create. Discover (

21. Registered Plato’s Rewards Program members will receive regular Plato’s Rewards Program communications which may include details of Rewards Points balances.

22. Personal Information will only be used for marketing, promotion and provision of information which Plato’s deems would be of interest to Rewards Program Members.

23. Your Plato’s online password must not be disclosed to any other person.

Program Membership

24. Plato’s reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Plato’s Rewards Program at any time by providing not less than 60 days’ notice to members. If the program is terminated then all rights in accrued Rewards Points cease.

25. Membership in the Plato’s Rewards Program may be terminated immediately by Plato’s if Plato’s has reasonable grounds to suspect that a Plato’s Rewards Program member has shop-lifted or defrauded Plato’s or the Plato’s Rewards Program in any way.

26. Plato’s may terminate any membership of the Plato’s Rewards Program without notice, if the relevant member: fails to comply with these membership Terms and Conditions; engages in misleading or deceptive conduct in connection with the Plato’s Rewards Program; or the member does not use his or her membership for a period of 12 months, or dies or becomes bankrupt.

27. A member may terminate his or her membership in the Plato’s Rewards Program at any time by giving written notice to Plato’s.


28. Plato's does not offer physical Rewards Program Cards, members are identified via first name, last name, email address or mobile number (a combination thereof).

29. Plato’s may appoint any participating Plato’s store to exercise any discretion conferred on Plato’s under these Terms and Conditions.

30. Plato’s is not responsible for Rewards accounts which have been improperly accessed or used by third parties either through your computer equipment or through use of your Plato’s online password.

31. To the extent permitted by law, any liability that Plato’s may have to a member relating in any way to the Plato’s Rewards Program whether for negligence, breach of contract or otherwise is limited:

  • a. in the case of any claim relating to points, to crediting the relevant number of points to the member's account; and
  • b. in any other case, to a maximum of $0.01 for each point in the member's account at the time the liability arose.

32. All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied and whether arising under statute or otherwise, are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted by law.

33. Plato’s may make any changes at any time in its absolute discretion, to these Terms and Conditions. Plato’s will endeavour to provide at least 60 days’ notice of any such changes.

34. Where Plato’s is required to give notice under these Terms and Conditions, notice may be given by either publishing a notice on the Plato’s website located at and/or by email to the members of the Plato’s Rewards Program.


Privacy Policy

35. All personal information provided by you to Plato’s is held in accordance with Plato’s’ Privacy Policy. You can review our privacy policy a copy of which can be accessed at Privacy Policy – Plato's Wonder. Create. Discover ( The Privacy Policy details how you can have your personal information altered or removed from Plato’s systems.


If you have any questions in relation to the Plato’s Rewards Program please contact us at :10 & 11 Salamanca Square, Battery Point TASMANIA 7004 or