About Us



Plato's is a unique gift shop situated in the beautiful Salamanca Square in Battery Point, Tasmania. We aim to inspire creativity, create wonder and entice people to start a journey of discovery.

Plato's has an impressive range of items for all ages, from science experiments to craft kits, baby toys to beautiful homeware. We wish to create an enjoyable experience, where our customers can declare, that "Plato's is my favourite shop!" 



Plato's History

Socrates for Curious Minds was originally started by Rod and Elizabeth, two Tasmanian locals, in November 1998 at 10 Salamanca Square. Their concept was a store that would inspire and intrigue the people of Hobart and its visitors. After a period of growth, and a rebranding to Plato's (as Socrates' student), this vision remains the same and holds true to its heritage. 



Our Staff

It is no secret that a successful business can only be so with an amazing team, and the Plato's team are exceptional. Dedicated, friendly, and very diverse, our team, under Kirsten's leadership, aims to create an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone. We also have Nigel, our friendly skeleton, who keeps a watch on the shop and tells us bad science jokes.