Schleich Dinosaur Figurine Ankylosaurus

Schleich Dinosaur Figurine Ankylosaurus

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The ankylosaurus had a tail club and all-over bone plate armour, just like the one from Schleich Dinosaurs.

As an herbivorous dinosaur, the ankylosaurus did not hunt, but knew how to defend itself! If it felt threatened it gathered momentum with its heavy, bone tail club and hurled it against attackers. It was presumably able to shatter even large bones. There are plenty of exciting situations to create with the ankylosaurs from Schleich Dinosaurs!

Fun fact: Even predatory dinosaurs could hardly hurt an adult ankylosaurus!

Schleich is a German producer of lovingly hand painted toy figurines and accessories. Start or continue your collection of these beautiful figurines. All Schleich figures have detailed modelling which allows children to learn as they play. Meeting all US and EU safety standards, these high quality Schleich figurines will last a lifetime.

  • Hand painted
  • 3+
  • Measures:14 x 7.1 x 10.6 cm