Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Wooden 42x42cm Construction Science Kit

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Launch yourself into the world of Leonardo Da Vinci with this miniature Da Vinci Catapult! Test out your engineering skills and see how far you can get your catapult to hurl clay balls.

Renowned for his unique designs, Da Vinci took inspiration from earlier models of the catapult and created a new version. Although his design was never built, modern enthusiasts have recreated his idea – and now you can too!

Become an inventor and learn about the interesting history of the catapult while constructing your own version with the Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult kit! By following the detailed instruction guide, complete with diagrams, you can complete your design while uncovering the unique ideas behind this creation! The pre-cut natural wood and plywood pieces fit together to create a working model of Da Vinci’s masterpiece. Easily constructed in an afternoon, the catapult can be used as a stunning display piece or can be used to see how far the clay (included) can be catapulted!

The instruction manual also includes interesting information about the history of catapults. You can even use your catapult to test other objects, such as marshmallows (yum!) or cotton balls! For an extra challenge, there’s an extra maths and graphing exercise you can try with an aluminium foil ball.

Da Vinci Catapult kit includes:

  • Over 50 different pieces to assemble
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Clay
  • 7 page instruction manual
  • Additional materials, such as a ruler, are not included.
  • Recommended for ages 8+

Constructed size: 420 x 137 x 420mm