4M KidzLabs Crystal Science Kit

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Conduct chemical experiments to grow your own Aquamarine Crystal, Glow-in-the-dark Moon Crystal Cluster and a Crystal Snow Tree. Learn how crystals are formed from solutions! Display them in a collection and show them to your friends!

Moon Crystal Cluster will grow to about 4.5cm in diameter and 3.5cm in height.
Aquamarine Crystal will grow to about 3m in diameter and 2.5cm in height.
Crystal Snow tree will grow to about 7cm in diameter and 8cm in height.
Size, shape, and colour may vary depending on the experimental conditions.

  • Kit includes: large bag of white crystal compound, small bag of blue seeding mixture, shaped transparent bases with covers, glow in the dark mood crystal base, spoon, set of snow tree paper and detailed instructions
  • Ages 10+