Envirowoolly Tassie Devil Toy

Envirowoolly Tassie Devil Toy

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Meet Dash the Tasmanian Devil

Dash the Tasmanian Devil has a reputation for being boisterous and noisy; which isn’t far from the truth.

In the wild of Tasmania, Dash and his Devil friends can often be heard in the distance as the scavenge for food.

Once abundant across Australia, as evidenced by fossil remains. around 400 years ago, Devils became extinct on the mainland. More recently, a virus severely reduced Tasmania’s Devil population. Now, Devils are extremely rare, even in Tasmania. However, a program to revive Tasmanian Devil numbers is successfully returning them to their island home and their rightful place as Tasmania’s unofficial mascot.

Fabric & Features
All Envirowoollys® are environmentally friendly as they are filled with wool.
Our Envirowoolly soft toys have embroidered features and are child safe and pet friendly!
Designed and made right here in Tasmania with Australian yarn.
80% Wool / 20% Nylon. Machine washable.
Suitable for all ages, babies to adults.