IS Gift Pure Bliss Eye Mask

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Relax & soothe

With its soft plush backing, The Bliss eye ask is great for relaxation. Use hot or cold for instant relief.

  • One design only. Available in 3 different colours, pink, blue or purple


  • Wrap the Bliss eye mask with a damp cloth or paper towel & microwave for 15 seconds. Continue to heat for 5 second intervals until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Place the mask over your eyes for relief .


  • Great for puffy eyes! Place pack in fridge for one hour or freezer for 30 minutes.
  • When cold enough, place the pack gently over your eyes

*This product is available in different colours. Online orders are picked at random. If you require a specific colour, please specify your preferred colour in the comments box on the payment page.