Johnco SteamBot 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Water Mist Robot

Johnco SteamBot 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Water Mist Robot

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Create a fun Steam Robot or a Steam Train with this 2-in-1 DIY kit!

Just add some water to the chimney to activate the 'Ultrasonic Atomiser'. This will create an icy, cold steam-like mist and activate the engines. Just watch the engines go! Learn all about the magical phenomenom created by the ultrasonic atomiser.

You can build either a robot or a detailed locomotive with the pistons and rods provided in the box. STEAMBOT includes an LED light on the chimney that flashes to look like a flame. 

STEAMBOT delivers clear educational insights while kids have endless fun eith this hands-on DIY experience. Explore the magic of this Steampunk robot!

For ages 8 years+.