Schleich Bayala Figurine Marshmellow Unicorn Stallion

Schleich Bayala Figurine Marshmellow Unicorn Stallion

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The forests of bayala® are bursting with sweetness since the Marshmallow Unicorns arrived. Flowers have blossomed into sweet, fluffy marshmallow bites…colorful clouds rain miniature marshmallows…there's even a hot cocoa waterfall spilling out of the hills. These sugar-y unicorns have left their delicious hoofprint throughout bayala®!

Even just the mane of this horse is sweet, colourful and preferably braided. Together with the Marshmallow unicorn mare and the Candy unicorn foal, he is one of the cutest horses in the BAYALA world. Have you ever touched his coat? Its as soft as a cloud. But gets a little sticky when its hot. So you should probably wash your hands after grooming him well.

Schleich is a German producer of lovingly handpainted toy figurines and accessories. Start or continue your collection of these beautiful figurines. All Schleich figures have detailed modelling which allows children to learn as they play. Meeting all US and EU safety standards, these high quality Schleich figurines will last a lifetime.

  • For ages 3+
  • Product size approx. 13.7 x 5 x 12 cm