Playmobil Wiltopia Meerkats

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Playmobil Wiltopia Meerkats is a lovely addition to any child's Playmobil collection. This high-quality, 5-piece set includes 2 meerkats and a tree stump. Build a zoo, discover a new species, or give your family some exotic pets - this set has unlimited options for play!

Wiltopia is Playmobil’s first eco-friendly product line consisting of, on average, more than 80% sustainable materials. The Wiltopia series from Playmobil lets children discover animals and nature in their own cosmos and immerse themselves in imaginative role play.

With Wiltopia, children can embark on adventures to vibrant regions around the world, encouraging an appreciation for the wildlife that lives there and our planet as a whole. Play with this set on its own or combine it with the rest of the Wiltopia theme for even more wild, animal fun!