Chewigem Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew

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Raindrop Pendant Sensory Chew Hidden Superpowers

“I use it at work and school and it is very discreet.”

Whether you are a tactile seeker or love to chew, this combines both allowing you unbeknownst to your friends, family, and colleagues that you are secretly and subtly self-regulating and taking control of your sensory sensations.

With its smooth glossy finish and classic shape, it’s no wonder people don’t spot its anything more than a nice-looking pendant.

  • Satisfyingly smooth and glossy finish
  • Ideal for tactile seekers who enjoy sleek surfaces
  • Beautifully shiny 
  • Irresistibly rubbable
  • Different thickness throughout to add interest
  • Ideal for school, office or going out