Rubiks Spin Block

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The Rubik's Spin Block combines the fidget spinner and speed cube. The pocket-size toy is fun to hold, easy to spin and easy to solve. A novelty toy for kids to improve their intelligence, speed and problem solving skills, great for fidgety hands & ADHD, and for anyone needing to overcome depression, anxiety and stress at home, workplace or on the go. Another innovative fidget toy from the trusted Rubik's brand, made with high quality eco-friendly materials, a perfect gift to bring much joy and fun for festivals, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Collect the full set of 3 different colors (Blue/Red/Orange) and start to Spin It! Twist It! Balance It! Solve It!

  • NEW INNOVATION: Rubik's Spin Block is more than just a spinner. It combines fidget spinner and speed cube to allow twisting of each of the three rows to interchange colors. A simple, yet fun solving element. Not only turn it, but also spin it.
  • CREATIVITY INSPIRATION: The fidget cube combines the features of fidget spinner and Rubik's Cube. The multi-side cube unlocks the brain, promoting hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, rotation mode to eliminate oppression and inspires creativities.
  • MOOD CHANGER: Rubik’s Spin Block is ideal for fidgety hands & ADHD. Helps to overcome depression, anxiety and stress whether at home, workplace or long traveling journey. It boosts your mood to a calm, peace and soothing state, as you concentrate on your fingertips twisting, turning and spinning it.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Rubik’s Spin Block spins silently and turns smoothly. Popular fidgeting hobby and desk toy at workplace. A perfect gift for all festivals, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Bringing much joy and fun for adults and +8 age kids.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Rubik’s Spin Block is a new innovation derived from the classic Rubik's Cube! This small and compact-design toy is made of high quality eco-friendly and durable ABS plastic materials. Available in 3 different colors (Blue/Red/Orange).

Age of 5+