Schleich Wild Animal Figurine Lion Mother with Cubs

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White lions, like the lion mother with cubs from Schleich Wild Life, are very rare and therefore something really special. White lions do not generate pigment in their skin or hair. However, like the lion mother with cubs from Schleich Wild Life, they are not albino. They don’t have the characteristic red eyes. In the wild these wild cats have the same habitat as other African lions. They live in the savannah, dry forests and semi-deserts, where they hunt antelopes, gazelles, gnus, buffalo and zebras. 

Schleich is a German producer of lovingly hand painted toy figurines and accessories. Start or continue your collection of these beautiful figurines. All Schleich figures have detailed modelling which allows children to learn as they play. Meeting all US and EU safety standards, these high quality Schleich figurines will last a lifetime.

  • Hand painted
  • 3+
  • Pack includes: 1x white lioness, 1x baby white lion, playing, 1x baby white lion, standing.
  • Product dimensions: ‎5.7 x 9 x 11.4 cm