Sticky Slug Sensory Texture Toy

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This giant slimy slug will stick to almost anything! Stretch, pull and splat it for fun!

When they get dirty or full of fluff, simply wash in warm soapy water.

  • Approx size 120mm long
  • Available in two colours, yellow or black.
  • For ages 3+

*orders are picked at random. If you would like a specific design or colour, please specify in the comments box on the payments page.

WARNING: Like the real thing, our fake slugs are slimy. Do not leave them on any surface that could absorb their oily slime, like fabric, latex painted walls, wood or wallpaper. After using, return to plastic package shell or place on an impermeable surface, like on a ceramic plate. If your slugs pick up dust and dirt, simply wash them clean with warm water and soap.