Johnco 12 in 1 Solar & Hydraulic Construction Kit

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Here’s something that the budding Robotics student in your life is going to love. The 12 in 1 Solar and Hydraulic Construction Kit allows you to create a robot into 12 different animals and vehicles using the power of solar and water. How inspiring is that!

Combining STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) ideas and processes, the solar and hydraulic construction kit allows children to explore and learn the benefits of alternate energy, including the functional mechanisms involved in robotic movement and modelling. Even those who are not that crazy about Science will become hooked into creating different creatures. They’ll be learning important theories without even being aware of it.

And of course, there’s no batteries to worry about because you’re utilising green power. What’s more, these robots feature the real-life characteristics and movement of animals and vehicles, so children may explore these functions and learn how they’re mimicked in robotic form. They may also make an entirely new robot of their own.

Children can change the robot from a climbing monkey to a mouth-opening crocodile or Tyrannosaurus Rex, running ostrich, claws-attacking scorpion to a zigzagging buggy, and more. The robots can move easily, providing great interaction.

  • Ages 8+
  • Made from duable materials
  • No batteries are required for the Solar and Hydraulic Robot as it is powered by the sun and water
  • Educational toy
  • Excellent for developing fine motor skills
  • Full instructions are included