Heebie Jeebies 28cm Galileo Thermometer

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This amazing thermometer employs the principles of buoyancy and density whilst looking awesome. The body of the Galileo Thermometer is filled with parrafin and air, allowing the parrafin to expand and contract as needed. This isolates it for air pressure whch can affect the density of liquids. Each coloured bauble is labelled with its corresponding temperature. By noting the lowest floating bauble you can read the current temperature. 

So as the temperature of the parrafin falls, the air pressure becomes denser allowing the baubles to rise and vice versa. Each bauble is carefully weighted so that they will swap from floating to sinking at a particular temperature, giving you an accurate reading.

The Galileo Thermometer is named after Galileo Galilei to honour his discovery of the principle on which this thermometer is based.

The perfect gift for the lover of science and Galileo!

  • Dimensions: 28cm