Chewigem Tread Sensory Chew Bangle Adult Size

Chewigem Tread Sensory Chew Bangle Adult Size

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This product has saved thousands of sleeves from destruction! 93% of people say Chewigem helps them feel calmer.

Imagine you’re at work and feel yourself needing to fidget but don’t want to draw attention to the fact. With a Tread Bangle up your sleeve, you will always have something discreetly available, whether in a meeting or at your desk.

It’s great for anyone who needs to stim and chew and is a fantastic product if you’re a nail-biter wanting to redirect the habit. Its nubbly and contoured texture makes it a winner among our customers.

Great for re-directing nail-biting Perfect for those who cannot tolerate wearing something around their neck                                       

Stylish and wearable – match to your wardrobe Textured and nubbly Discreet – ideal for work or school