Tumbled Stones

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We stock a great selection and range of tumbled gemstones. These natural stones are from all around the world. Some stones have een enhanced with dye to showcase their beautiful patterns and design.

Choose from Some of the following stones

  • Pink Agate- Pink and enhanced- Dyed
  • Blue Agate- Blue and enhanced- Dyed
  • Rainbow Hematite- Hematite coated in Titanium to create rainbow shimmer- Enhanced
  • Amazonite- Smoky green with hints of yellow in colour Natural
  • Sodalite - navy blue in colour with white highlights- Natural
  • Citrine- Yellow opaque stone- Natural
  • Amethyst- Purple with clear and white - Natural
  • Snowflake Obsidian- Black with white/grey snowflake patterns- Natural
  • Obsidian Spears- Black obsidian shaped like a spearhead- Natural
  • White Howlite- White with grey streaks- Natural
  • Blue Howlite- Dyed Howlite- absorbs colour easily and when dyed can sometimes look like turquoise- Dyed
  • Hematite- Silver/ grey in colour- Natural
  • Leopard Jasper- Brown stone with black spots- Natural

*Please note: Orders are picked at random. If you would like a particular design or colour, please specify in the comments box on the payments page.